Gunshots in the Forest

After a fun ferry trip over – those places are a people watchers dream – we had finally landed in the Netherladns. Border control thought we were a bit mental, “you’re going to live in this, for a year? No hotels? Well, have fun!”

Now time for lots of driving! The Netherlands was pretty, but we managed to drive through it and into Germany in a couple of hours– border control is none existent, there was one sign that we were shifting countries, literally one sign!

The next entertaining challenge was trying to find a crag. There was a little obscure crag on the way to the Netherlands that we thought we’d stop at, just outside Rheine. We found the parking after a couple of detours. Next challenge, find the rock. It was a lovely little forested area, we packed the bags and started trundling down the path “it can’t be that hard to find”, famous last words.

After a couple of hundred metres, we spotted rock. Just a little outcrop, not big enough to climb on but it showed us we were going in the right direction. So we carried on trundling, a nice little worn path, right then left, then right again – roughly trying to find our way on the screenshot of a map from 27crags (which is basically useless as an offline app, complaint going in….).


Gunshots. What the?! We’d seen some images of wild boar on the information stand, so Lee was quick to point out it was probably just some hunting. Not put off we carried on walking through the woods, towards said gunfire.

We found the edge of the forest, lay before us was a firing range but sadly no rock. The bugs were starting to bite now. We took a detour around the other path, still no rock, still more bugs. Time to head off.

Disappointed at our first attempt to climb in Europe we headed off north towards Hamburg and beyond.

Note – service stations are great in Germany, camped overnight with our little van next to the big trucks.

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