Gränsfors Bruk

Back at the start of the trip when we were buying guidebooks for Sweden Lee got chatting to a sales assistant about the Gränsfors Bruk Axe’s they had for sale as he owns two already and apparently they are rather good. Well, it just so happens that the Gransfor Bruk factory is open for visitors, and it’s not too far away from Stockholm so we made a plan to visit.

It’s a fairly low-key affair at the factory, we turned up and had a wander around the shop. Being very British, we didn’t want to actually ask about having a look around but lucky for us the shop assistant must have guessed and headed over. She quickly switched to perfect English (they don’t half put us to shame with their language skills). We were quickly informed that all we needed was to pop on one of those fetching high-vis vests and we could walk right on in. H&S field day!

Bashing out some double head axes.
Seconds, still hot from the flames.
Shiney, but not yet sharp
Cutting through molten Swedish steel like butter

The number of ‘seconds’ impressively large. Good quality controls.


Adding those American wood handles, and having the final checks

Testing them out. Found a favourite.