Below I have highlighted a few key projects from both my freelance and fulltime work. If you want any further information or want to chat about how we can work together please get in touch.


Backpack Manufacturer: Website Redesign

In my position as Content Strategist at Rab and Lowe Alpine, I initiated and subsequently project managed the website redesign for Lowe Alpine.

As part of the ongoing analysis and day to day management of the site, I kept finding that the brand was inconsistent across pages and channels, I was frustrated at the number of ‘custom’ pages that were used (these were time-consuming and code heavy). In general, this mismatch gave an immature and confusing brand image. The website homepage was also limited to a large banner, and much of the quality content was lost below the fold.

I started to research competitor websites, industry leaders (our own industry and others) and set up some basic user testing. From this research, I created a series of customer profiles and recommendations such as the grid homepage, moving the buy buttons on the product pages, and a mega-menu with a specific ‘shop’ section. I combined this with a detailed content audit, so I knew what I was working with and could cover all eventualities. I went on to devise a set of wireframe templates for the non-product pages and reusable ‘blocks’ for each content type which could be bolted together in a coherent manner.

This gave way to a more streamlined design/development process where we knew what image sizes and copy lengths to request from the various teams. Content quality levels were higher, and quicker to get online, as more time was given to the content instead of how it was displayed. This was coupled with a complete content plan for the season, and scheduled in a way that expert and entry-level consumers were consistently drip fed relative content.

This redesign project was initiated and completed within a five-month window, to coincide with a seasonal launch. I am particularly proud of this project and still check in regularly to see how it is progressing.

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Lowe Alpine Redesigned site

Printed Book Design

I have completed two printed book projects. This involved interior layout and design for both, and cover design for the second book. The clients and I were very happy with how they turned out and the second book is already on an additional print run.

Layout for ‘Mentoring in Engineering Book’
Hatley Park Estate Front Cover

Home Staging Services: Website Refresh

I was approached by a lady who runs a property service business to add two additional services to her website. After chatting through the requirements with the client there were a number of changes that needed to be made to the website to improve the overall usability, organisation of the information, and add a mailing list functionality.

The work completed:

  • Design and build of two new pages
  • Copy improvements to all pages, in keeping with the personal style
  • MailChimp setup and integration
  • Mailing list welcome campaign set-up

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Climbing Instruction: WordPress Theme Edits

I worked with a local branding and design agency on a Climbing instructors website. This work involved creating a new child theme for the website (based on the previous site) and amending as requested. I used the Visual Composer System to give the website redesign a user-friendly editing UI as the client wanted to be able to make changes himself.

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JB Mountain Skills